Acquiring the Human Leadership Advantage

Here's how you and your company can gain the Human Leadership advantage

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What is the human leadership advantage

Here are just a few of the advantages you can expect when you implement the Human Leadership principles

Improved Communication

Applying the Human Leadership principles within a team environment creates better communication & Game-Changing Conversations

Increased Profits

According to research conducted by Gallop [link] having more engaged employees has been proven to increase profits by 20% *

Lower Absenteeism

Having more engaged employees, achieved by adopting the principles of Human Leadership, has proven to create a 41% decrease in absenteeism*

A Safer Environment

Inclusive leaders create an environment where employees feel safe which builds engagement, thus reducing safety incidents by 70%*

Expanded Innovation

With inclusive leaders and engaged teams, there is a collective increase in solutions and innovation both individually and collaboratively

Higher Product Quality

When employees are engaged, feel heard and are part of an inclusive environment there are 40% fewer quality defects*

* Reference: Gallup. The Relationship Between Engagement at Work and Organizational Outcomes. (2016) MetaAnalysis_Q12_ResearchPaper_0416_v5_sz – 339 research studies across 230 organizations in 49 industries, with employees in 73 countries that included 1,882,131 employees

"Communication - the human connection - is the key to personal and career success"

by Paul J. Meyer

How to acquire The Human Leadership advantage


A 1:1 program tailored to your personality & leadership development goals.  Designed to make good leaders into inspiring leaders

For Teams

In person or virtual workshops customised to solve an immediate challenge or specific training development requirement


Using our proven 4L's framework for better human connection to shape culture, improve employee engagement and performance

How connected are you?

Take the Human Leadership Connection Quiz to discover how connected you are to yourself, your team and your company goal and visions

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Executive Leadership Coaching

For individual leaders wanting to succeed beyond average results in their leadership role. For those who are open to learning about themselves and others in order to create a cohesive team aligned and empowered to achieve.

Our Coaching programs are bespoke designed to match the needs of each leader. In consultation with you, we create a Coaching journey using resources from all four of the Human Leadership Principle Coaching Modules. Leaders enhance their capability and confidence to have the Game-Changing Conversations to build trust, grow respect and improve engagement within and across their teams.

Expand your emotional intelligence, become an Inclusive Leader, and know how to maximise every individual's unique personality, strengths and abilities.

The Inclusive Leadership Program for individual leaders includes:

  • 20-week Customised Program
  • Initial chemistry session for fit and objectives setting
  • Three-way briefing session 60mins with HR/Line Manager if desired
  • Seven x one to one 90 min Coaching sessions (face to face or online)
  • Initial Leadership style Diagnostic
  • Personalised digital learning hub to store resources and track progress
  • Enneagram Personality & leadership style Profile
  • Access to the Human Leadership Resource library
  • Continual feedback


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I felt comfortable to explore issues I don't otherwise voice

Jacqui made it very comfortable for me to explore the challenges and concerns that I do not otherwise voice. There was a good balance of support and challenge in the coaching. She has excellent skills in reflecting back on what I have said and making connections between each of the sessions, always relating back to my goals. I gained lots of important insights into myself and others. I have changed significantly because of this program, and feel far more confident about where to target my energies and thinking.

Senior Leader
Australian Government Department

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Team Workshops & Webinars

Our team workshops don’t begin and end with just one day!

Connection and curiosity start before your team even arrive on the day or join online and continues with our LEARN program to embed change in the weeks and months afterwards.

Your full day workshop will be a bespoke and interactive program to solve an immediate challenge or training development requirement within a team or across departments. Designed to reflect your brief with a focus on your team’s greatest need and using content from our Four Principles of Human Leadership: to LOOK, to LISTEN, to LEAD and to LEARN. Our workshop day will always feature an introduction to our LOOK model The Funnel™ to raise self-awareness and improve connection.  This workshop can be run across a series of shorter virtual webinars.


  • Initial Team Diagnostic to identify focus area
  • One full-day Team Workshop focusing on either the LOOK, LISTEN or LEAD Human Leadership Principles (Workbooks & practice sheets included)
  • Interactive, connected, full of aha moments and practical tools
  • Post workshop LEARN program includes:
    • Six weeks of audio and video content refreshers for each participant
    • A series of gifts and prompts delivered post workshop
    • Three x Mindset & Practice™ Masterclasses run for smaller groups up to five people, with a Human Leadership facilitator (60 min webinar).
    • Online e-learning guides with tailored individual action plans

Designed to create engagement between team or department members, an inclusive environment and a higher level of collaboration.

She made us feel safe to speak up

"I thoroughly enjoyed the way Jacqui Pollock delivered the sessions - very professional and highlighting to me many attributes that will enable me to be even better at my job and home alike." - Education Director Department of Education & Child Development SA

“Great, energetic, and motivating. I really appreciate Jacqui’s facilitation style which is very passionate and energetic! She made each of us feel safe to speak up and helped us engage with each other with a common language to clarify a vision for the future.” - Workshop Attendee Workshop in Japan

Game-Changing Conversations Program

Imagine having a company where you are constantly voted as the best place to work for in your industry. You are continually exceeding goals, not just achieving them. Your teams are full of awesome humans providing innovative solutions, who are creative, happy, highly engaged and enjoy working together to achieve success. They share your vision for the company and the future and have game changing conversations everyday (at work and at home!)

This is the program to create those results. A six-month full immersion program customised to solve challenges that are causing leadership problems, blocking potential and costing you dearly.

Here's what's included in the Game-Changing Conversations Program:

  • Initial Team Diagnostic and consultation
  • Three full-day team workshops or virtual webinar run once every two months
  • Deep dive into the Human Leadership Principles: to LOOK, to LISTEN and to LEAD
  • Each workshop day builds on the next
  • Workbooks & practice sheets
  • Interactive, connected, full of aha moments and practical tools
  • LEARN Module in-between each workshop includes:
    • Eight weeks of audio,video and on-line content refreshers for each participant
    • A series of gifts and prompts delivered post workshop to embed learning
    • Smaller breakaway Mindset & Practice™ Masterclasses run for smaller groups up to five people, with a Human Leadership facilitator (60 min webinar)
    • Each Mindset & Practice™ Masterclass includes pre and post-e-learning guides with tailored individual action plans
    • An accountability buddy scheme setup amongst participants
  • PLUS: Individual Leadership Coaching for up to three key personnel and access to the Human Leadership Resource Hub and everything from our Inclusive Leadership Coaching program.

The Game Changing Conversations full program takes teams from a place of feeling stuck, siloed and stressed to being connected, motivated, innovative, and aligned.

This program is giving savvy companies the leading advantage by creating inclusive cultures, inspiring leaders and engaged teams aligned with company vision

This is, The Leadership Advantage!

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I found Jacqui to be both knowledgable and engaging

"Jacqui was awesome, knowledgeable and engaging. She bought great energy and practical principles and frameworks. I found her style relaxed, engaging and informative. She made everyone feel very comfortable." - Workshop Participant APAC Leadership team

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