The Human Leadership Principles

The secret sauce to creating connected teams that are motivated, innovative, and aligned with company goals and vision

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Leadership problems of today

Leaders of today are technically astute, experienced and highly knowledgeable but struggle to build trust, collaboration, and alignment.

They feel frustrated by the lack of cohesion within their teams and secretly begin to doubt their own leadership style and capability. They feel stuck and agonise over how to motivate those who think and behave differently to them.

Today's business world has been described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - VUCA. Consequently, leaders are overlooking the importance of human connection within the workplace. This oversight is costing companies dearly.

  • Underperforming leaders and teams due to stress, frustration, and self-doubt
  • Lack of trust and respect for management creating a lack of collaboration and alignment
  • Resistance to change and lack of engagement from some (or all) team members
  • Increased presentism by leaders compounded by the disengagement of employees
Traditional Leadership

The cost of Traditional leadership

Gone are the days of traditional leadership when having experience, conviction and business knowledge was enough. The Gallup Report (2017) found:

  • Only 14% of employees are fully engaged in their jobs
  • 71% are "not engaged" and simply turn up to work to do the bare minimum
  • 15% are "actively disengaged" which means besides being unhappy are actually determined to undermine their colleague's positive efforts
  • These "actively disengaged" employees cost their organisations 34% of salary

Cultivating real human connection in the workplace is no longer a soft skill, it's a hard necessity.

What is the absence of Human Leadership costing you?

In 2017 Gallup released their report on the state of the global workplace. Their intention was to discover what drives the behaviours of employees and how leaders and organisations can increase workforce productivity. These are a small selection of their findings:

14 Engaged


71 Notengaged


15 Disengaged


34 Salarycost


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Seven Common Leadership Mistakes

  Avoid these mistakes to become a more Connected and Inspiring Leader

The Human Leadership Solution

What's missing is Human Connection

The technological world we live in needs more human connection, collaboration and inclusion. When this is applied to leaders and their teams it gives these organisations a competitive advantage.

Human Leadership combines the Enneagram profiling with their unique 4 Key Human Leadership Principles to create contemporary leaders who are curious, confident, and inclusive.

Inclusive Leaders are armed with 7 practices to enable them to have the Game-Changing Conversations necessary to connect with their diverse team members and ultimately produce results.

As leaders and their teams master the Human Leadership principles and implement the frameworks it produces an environment where individual team members feel heard, valued and their differences are respected.

An inclusive environment ultimately generates an environment of engagement, innovation and collaboration together with an alignment of common goals and visions.

Hl Game Changing Convo Principles

Leadership is not domination

"Leadership is not domination, it's the art of persuading people to work towards a common goal" - Daniel Goleman Author of Emotional Intelligence

The 4 Key Principles of Human Leadership

When leaders and their teams master the art of these simple, yet profound four Human Leadership principles
the improvement generates innovation, engagement and improved business performance

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Four L's 01

To LOOK honestly at yourself and others

The greatest lever for change is knowing and managing oneself. If you don’t pause to become self-aware and expand emotional intelligence – you will struggle to respond resourcefully to challenges and triggers. Staying resourceful as a leader is key to being confident and inspiring. Learning about how others think and feel and appreciating differences will unleash the innate talent in every single individual. Being EQ savvy is the only way.

Four L's 02

To LISTEN to understand not respond

“The collective monologue is everyone is talking and no-one is listening” Covey. Listening to understand others builds trust, the essential ingredient for effective communication. Asking trumps telling. Leaders must become a master at asking powerful questions and standing in other people’s shoes. Without empathy and inclusivity Leaders and their organisations miss new perspectives, people disengage and stop listening. Understanding cognitive diversity gives the competitive business edge.

Four L's 03

To LEAD by inspiring hearts and minds

Unless leaders articulate vision with clarity and confidence, they’ll struggle to influence change for good. Using a Leader As Coach approach will improve team engagement and empowerment, and breaks the trap of micromanagement or not delegating. Giving and requesting honest feedback fosters conversations that shift perspectives and move organisations forward. Leaders must be unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Four L's 04

To LEARN for lasting and transformational change

Organisations will only grow if their people grow. Having an open mindset doesn’t happen by accident – it requires continual attention to curiosity and reflection. Learning a new skill is no longer good enough, to truly embed change we need continual mindset and practice to change habits.

The Benefits of Human Leadership

In addition to general improvements in the happiness and well being of leaders and team members in organisations that implemented the Human Leadership Principles. Recent studies by International Coaching Federation (ICF) in partnership with a leadership development firm, Human Capital International (HCI), discovered organisations that set out to build a coaching culture had the following improvements:











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