How to have Game-Changing Conversations: with yourself and others

Hl Game Changing Convo Principles

When conversations don’t go well at work (and at home) we feel stressed, stuck and start to self-doubt. We criticize ourselves and others and often say things we later regret. 

On other days, our conversations feel connected, real, respectful and game-changing.

What do Game-Changing Conversations look and sound like in your workplace? In your family? In your community? most importantly – with yourself?

At Human Leadership we believe these four simple but profound principles are the key to building better human connections at work (and at home) and having Game-Changing Conversations to build trust, engage others and inspire positive change:

to LOOK, to LISTEN, to LEAD, and to LEARN.

1. To LOOK – honestly at yourself and others

The greatest lever for change is knowing and managing oneself. If you don’t pause to become self-aware and expand emotional intelligence – you will struggle to respond resourcefully to challenges and triggers. Staying resourceful as a leader is key to being confident and inspiring. Learning about how others think and feel and appreciating differences will unleash the innate talent in every single individual. LOOK at yourself, the other person, the situation.

2. To LISTEN – to understand not respond

“The collective monologue is everyone is talking and no-one is listening” sais Stephen Covey. Listening to understand others builds trust, the essential ingredient for effective communication. Asking trumps telling. Great leaders are masterful at asking powerful questions and standing in other people’s shoes. Without empathy and inclusivity Leaders and their organisations miss new perspectives, people disengage and stop listening. Understanding cognitive diversity gives the competitive business edge. 

3. To LEAD – by inspiring hearts and minds

Unless leaders articulate vision with clarity and confidence, they’ll struggle to influence change for good. Using a “Leader As Coach” approach will improve team engagement and empowerment, and breaks the trap of micromanagement or not delegating. Giving and requesting honest feedback fosters conversations that shift perspectives and move organisations forward. Leaders must be unforgettable for all the right reasons!

4. To LEARN – for lasting and transformational change

Organisations will only grow if their people grow. Having an open mindset doesn’t happen by accident – it requires continual attention to curiosity and reflection. Learning a new skill is no longer good enough, to truly embed change we need continual mindset and practice to change habits.

Today’s leadership requires more than technical skills and years of experience. Leaders and teams who are truly connected and have game-changing conversations everyday, have mastered these four L’s of interpersonal skills that set them apart from others.

What do Game Changing Conversations sound like in your workplace?

In your family?

In your community?

What do you notice happens to human connection when people truly LOOK, LISTEN, LEAD and LEARN?

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