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We live and breathe what we believe

"We see a future where diversity becomes our source of strength. Where curiosity, mutual respect of differences, and tuning in to each other's hearts and minds can change the world." - Jacqui Pollock

Be Curious

We believe in never losing that childlike curiosity of asking "why?" Always remaining open to discovering new and innovative ways. Being willing to live a life of constant growth, emotional and intellectual expansion.

Taking the time to stop and listen, really listen, to what is and isn't being said. Pausing to be present and taking a genuine interest in the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours of ourselves and others.

Having the emotional maturity to look for the benefits of diversity rather than passing judgement, assumption or bias. Committing to continual self-development and having an open mind and heart.

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Respect Diversity

Every person is different and we believe it's important to value the uniqueness of each individual. To celebrate diversity and to find strength in our differences.

We know from experience that embracing diversity plays a crucial role in the development of leaders and consequently the growth of any company.

We are passionate about breaking down stereotypes and creating a space of freedom from intimidation and discrimination. Space where all individuals feel heard and their opinions, beliefs, and experiences are respected and appreciated.

Inspire Hearts & Minds

As Gandhi once said, "Be the change you want to see in the world". Lead by example. Take the initiative and make a change, leave your mark and inspire others to do the same.

As change agents, we must have the ability to understand the hearts and minds of others in order to support them through the journey of adjustment.

We must be willing to step outside our comfort zones, share our thoughts and feelings, go the extra mile, and to have the Game-Changing Conversations with our own team before we can ask it of anyone else.

We choose to partner with Global Goals and other organisations who share our views of being authentic, creating connected relationships, and having a positive impact on the world.


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"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more - you are a leader."

- John Quincy Adams US President 1825-1829

Jacqui Pollock is the Human Leadership expert

Professional member of:

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All about Jacqui

Jacqui Pollock is widely regarded as the go-to Leadership Expert in Australia. Her company Human Leadership offers bespoke programs tailored to the individual and corporate requirements of her blue-chip clients.

Jacqui's Clients:
Jacqui and her team work with carefully selected companies and global organisations such as Audible, McDonald's, Sun Rice, SBS and the Dept of Education to name but a few.

Known for:
As the founder of Human Leadership Jacqui and her team are known for creating inspiring leaders, engaged teams and inclusive cultures. But Jacqui is also an advocate for respecting diversity, continued curiosity, and inspiring people to connect with the heart and mind of themselves and others.

As a speaker:
Feedback from Jacqui's workshops and many speaking engagements tell the story of a woman who is engaging, driven and creates a safe space for people to be themselves. Others say that she is inspiring, knowledgeable and has an innate ability to educate in a way that makes it memorable.

Jacqui is a published author of “Knowing Me Knowing Them” which explores different personality types. She also has over 2000 Executive Coaching hours with Senior Leaders and has facilitated over 100 workshops.

As the parent of a child with a disability Jacqui's family experienced first-hand bias, prejudice, and exclusion. But learning how to stand in the shoes of her son also gave her the insight that ignited her passion to understand the impact exclusion and disconnection can have on leaders, their teams and their businesses.

Graduate of Brunel University (UK) Business Studies
Graduate of ICF accredited Coach U Business Coaching Essentials
Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
ICF accredited Certificate in Advanced Coaching – Enneagram
Management Consulting with EIBN
Active Member of ICF, EIBN, IAC, and IEA (+ selected speaker)

Clients Jacqui has consulted, facilitated, coached, or partnered with

"Our programs create inspiring leaders who are confident and comfortable with having Game-Changing Conversations every day and engaging every member of their team to connect with an aligned shared vision"

- Jacqui Pollock


I felt empowered to tackle the hard conversations

"Jacqui is such a good listener and I loved how she cleverly wove my conversation back to me to trigger my thoughts and assist me solve leadership problems. I felt so calm and empowered to tackle the hard conversations and behaviours after my coaching sessions "

School Principal
Department of Education and Training Victoria DET

How to acquire The Human Leadership advantage


A 1:1 program tailored to your personality & leadership development goals.  Designed to make good leaders into inspiring leaders

For Teams

In person or virtual workshops customised to solve an immediate challenge or specific training development requirement


Using our proven 4L's framework for better human connection to shape culture, improve employee engagement and performance

The benefits of working with Human Leadership

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Not only do you have happier employees but also...

Recent studies by International Coaching Federation (ICF) in partnership with leadership development firm, Human Capital International (HCI), discovered that organizations that set out to build a coaching culture had impressive gains to report. The top 5 (of 15 results reported) included:











What else Jacqui does

Jacqui Pollock Parents

Coaching for Families

Combining over a decade of professional work coaching parents and teenagers with her own personal experience as a Mum of a child with a disability, Jacqui Pollock is the go-to expert supporting families to build connected and authentic relationships at home and through her school programs.

She brings the wisdom of the Enneagram into families to raise awareness of personality differences and helps clients put their relationships into perspective. This leads to the discovery of new choices rather than relying on worn-out ways of coping.

Jacqui Pollock Future Directions Program

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is for someone who is experiencing a change in circumstances: career, family, relationship, personal, emotional. If you are looking for answers, a way through, and new insights to take charge and build a meaningful purposeful future.

Jacqui's Future Directions Program is a revolutionary five-step guide to creating and achieving a new direction in your life. If you're feeling stuck, lost, or are looking to create a change then this is the program for you.

Let's have a conversation...

Schedule a complimentary call with Jacqui and let's have a conversation about how Human Leadership can give you and your company the leading advantage