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What is Human Leadership

Business today has been penned by Harvard Business Reviews as a VUCA world. An acronym originally used by the American Military which stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

The constant disruption, change, and inevitable uncertainty affects individuals differently. If leaders aren’t able to expand their emotional intelligence and lead inclusively by utilising individual abilities and personalities then they will be left behind.

The 4 Key Principles of Human Leadership create inspiring leaders who are confident and capable of having Game-Changing Conversations every day and engaging every member of their team to connect with an aligned shared vision.

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Who is Human Leadership

Jacqui Pollock is the founder and CEO of Human Leadership. With an extensive background in the corporate sector as Managing Director of a Human Relations company combined with over 2000 coaching hours with Senior Leaders, Jacqui is widely renowned as the go-to Leadership Expert in Australia.

A published author and speaker Jacqui has facilitated over 100 workshops with global blue-chip companies in USA, Japan, SE Asia, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and worked with Leaders at: Audible, McDonalds, Sun Rice, SBS and Government Departments.

"My core passion has always been to inspire people to connect. I’m the parent of a young adult with a disability and this experience further opened my eyes to the value of cognitive and personality diversity in leadership."

Jacqui and her team are best known for helping Leaders become more inclusive by expanding their emotional intelligence and improving communication so they can have Game-Changing Conversations (at work and at home).

How to acquire The Human Leadership advantage

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP Coaching for individuals

A one to one program tailored to each individual's leadership personality - includes Diagnostic, Enneagram & Resource library

Look, Listen, Lead, Learn

An interactive full-day workshop customised to solve an immediate challenge or specific training development requirement


A deep dive into the Look, Listen, Lead and Learn principles with a bespoke design to create TEAM alignment and connection

The benefits of working with Human Leadership

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Not only do you have happier employees but also...

In addition to general improvements in the happiness and well being of leaders and team members in organisations that implemented the Human Leadership Principles. Recent studies by International Coaching Federation (ICF) in partnership with a leadership development firm, Human Capital International (HCI), discovered organisations that set out to build a coaching culture had the following improvements:











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Seven Common Leadership Mistakes

  Avoid these mistakes to become a more Connected and Inspiring Leader

Leanne Cartwright-Bradford Country Manager, AU & NZ Audible, an Amazon Company

Gave us a strong common language

Jacqui lead a phenomenal workshop that was enlightening, delivered outtakes that are useful on a daily basis and gave us a strong common language to use with one another. Jacqui’s warm and engaging personality allowed her to connect with the team and deliver strong insights in a way that could be heard and acted upon.

Leanne Cartwright-Bradford
Country Manager, AU & NZ
Audible, an Amazon Company

Clients Jacqui has consulted, facilitated, coached, or partnered with

human leadership's core values

We believe when people become curious, respect differences, and tune into hearts and minds, they are capable of not only changing the world but also inspiring their teams, families and communities to do the same. These are our beliefs and we endeavour to embody this in all that we do.

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Invest in lifelong growth to expand your emotional intelligence

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We are all different, value the uniqueness in everyone

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Open your heart & mind to empower positive change in the world

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